Property maintenance in Manchester

Our property maintenance company in Manchester offers you qualified workers and first-class maintenance services. The majority of our clientele consists of letting agents, landlords and housing associations, but we also accept private housing projects. We possess the competence and experience to cover all kinds of projects, whether big or small. Whatever repair or maintenance your property needs, we are your number one choice.
Maintenance jobs can be time consuming and landlords are often too busy to get around to them, which is where the property maintenance workers of Manchester come in. Our goal is to assist you in a professional yet timely manner. What do you need help with today? Is the toilet leaking? Has a tenant left their house or apartment in bad shape? These are things we can easily help you figure out.

The services we offer

Our highly qualified team members are able to mend any type of damage to a property. See a small selection of our services listed below:
● Painting and decorating – as property maintenance workers, this is one of the most common jobs our Manchester clients hire us to do. We repaint or redecorate properties between tenants, making them look good before the new one moves in.
● House cleaning – a deep clean or just a quick one? We have the tools and experience to help you with both.
● Pest control – to deal with rats, mice, cockroaches or wasps can get pretty messy. Our specialist team is happy to help rid your property of these unwelcome guests.
● Repairs and installations – we install washing machines, freezers and electric ovens. If the old ones must be removed, we will take care of it for you.
● Window repair – replacement of whole windows or repair of broken units.
● Carpets and flooring – we are equipped to clean or replace various types of floor coverings.
● Consultation – if you need some solid advice regarding property maintenance, we are here to share our knowledge with the wonderful people of Manchester.
Please be aware that the services listed above are not the only ones we offer. Contact us for further information on the services we offer within the Manchester area

Why hire property maintenance in Manchester?

As property maintenance workers, we’re here to offer the people of Manchester a diverse list of services. We aim to work on both pre-booked and more spontaneous projects. We know the hassle and the unplanned repairs that every property manager struggles with. Therefore, we strive to be available for any task our clients might need help with. Naturally, we follow all requirements and regulations.
Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our Manchester team of professionals will make sure the job is done well.